First and Foremost...

A very self-conscious and not-entirely ironic first post


Sep 8, 2020

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As someone who (rather regrettably) fits the gen-z stereotype of getting swept up in new ideas as quickly as I drop the old ones, I was immediately sold on Imprint. I created an account within 10 minutes of finding out about this new blogging platform and vowed to have a long and healthy relationship with the site - writing my truth, growing an audience and whatever else every good blogger/influencer/career slasher touts as "success"

And so I started writing my first post, spurred on by the thrill of being part of something so shiny and new, especially in this digital age when it takes minutes for something to become old. (I spent my tweens/early teens affected by a sense of injustice and indignation at the early YouTubers who 'had it easy' because they joined the site in 2009). 

With Imprint designed to be a "hybrid solution between centralized and decentralized" platforms, I am hoping that 'First and Foremost' won't end up like my previous (two!) WordPress blogs: shriveled and in an abandoned corner of the internet. If this is the case, I will hold no judgement against Imprint and its creators (shout out to Roland!), as another blog-dumping would probably be the result of my own commitment issues :) -- It's not you, it's me!

To finish, an ironic toast as someone who is (unashamedly) against marriage: Here's to a long and happy life with my blog <3 

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